MDF Panels Cut To Size

We offer MDF boards supply, cutting, drilling and routing service. 

All Sizes & Types

Our wide range of high quality MDF boards comes in various thicknesses  6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm, 25mm, and etc.

In addition to Standard MDF we have MDF options designed to withstand presence of moisture moisture resistant MDF or for locations where fire retardant MDF is required.

From Idea to an End Product

At Universal Spraying we move from an idea to an end product, what sets us apart from the rest is that we offer a specialized wholesome service where we cut the MDF as per your specifications and mdf spray painting with the color of your choice.

We are extremely reliable with a fast turnaround time that ensures that our customers are always prioritized.

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Extra Features

We also provide additional design options for MDF such as:
Cutting j-handles, Groves, Hinges holes


We provide professional services by preparing the edges of MDF that require more and detailed attention to have a smooth finish.


We offer delivery services for all your MDF purchases from our warehouse to your site to save you the hustle of transport and let you focus on your product.

Bespoke Doors for Cabinets

We manufacture bespoke doors with various features to fit your existing or new kitchen or wardrobe. 

Door & Side Panels

  • kitchen cabinet doors

  • drawer front

  • side panels

  • plinths

  • and etc.


  • Flat

  • Shaker style classic

  • Shaker style with beading

J Handles

  • J handle – deep

  • J handle – medium depth

  • 45° angle pull handle

Shadow Gap

V Groove

Hinge Holes 


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