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Workshop Services Briefly


Satin  / Matt  / High Gloss any color
Clear finishes applied on MDF and other surfaces
Respraying existing kitchens and wardrobes
Staining veneers
Priming and sanding – preparation of MDF for hand painting

Professional Spray Painting Service

Universal Spraying Ltd offers professional spray painting service for furniture, MDF and On Site Spray spraying.

We are the factory spraying professionals and whether it is flat packed or assembled, we always provide exquisite spray finishing for all our products.

Spacious Workshop

Our workshop has 800 sq. meters working area, which is spacious enough for numerous spray painting operations at similar times to deliver all jobs at their designated times. 

  • Team of 6 professional spray painters

  • 4 spray booths

  • Automated spraying machine

  • Automated sanding machine

  • Capacity to finish 2000 sq/m per month


Our team is well trained in spray painting and operating the diverse automated machines.


We have fast turnaround times as our workers can work on day, night, and weekend shifts to increase productivity.

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Factory Spray Painting

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3 Spray Booths

The spacious workshop holds 3 spray booths that are operated independently of each other to provide the required finish to your product.

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Automated Spraying Machine

The workshop is also equipped with an automated spraying machine to ensure that spray painting is prompt, and uniform, and that it maintains the quality standards.

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Secure Packaging

We have very high quality packing of all our products to ensure their maximum protection from the collection point and during the delivery of the product all around London.

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Automated Wide Belt Sanding Machine

The workshop was further boosted with an automated wide belt sanding machine that helps us to sand better, increase productivity, and provide improved quality products.

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Expert &

Reliable Team

At Universal Spraying, we have a dedicated, professional, and results-oriented team with over 8 years’ experience that is driven by customer satisfaction.

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