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Kitchen Makeover & Renovation

Providing Spray Painting, Restoration & Makeover Services for your kitchen

“Restore Your Existing Kitchen Instead of Replacing”


Kitchen Refurbishment Company

Our job is to offer you affordable alternative to replacing your entire kitchen while limiting the disruption to your everyday life.

For a fraction of the cost of building a new kitchen, we can help you to facelift and makeover your current one.

Wooden Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Wooden Kitchen Cupboard Doors with Wood Grain

If your kitchen is made from real wood it will likely have a wooden texture called grain on some woods like Oak grain is very deep and open.


Respraying wooden kitchen doors it is cheaper to keep the grain open, however for extra cost you can choose to fill the grain and have totally flat finish.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen doors refurbishment will allow you to achieve various design ideas such as change it from traditional looking to modern kitchen or going from a dark to a bright colour or vice versa thereby making your space look fresh and new. 

Choosing Sheen Level of New Kitchen Doors Finish

Kitchen Makeover and Renovation service

We will spray paint your cabinet doors, drawers, plinth, end panels, cornices and pelmets. By using latest technology we can revamp the old finish and breathe new life into your kitchen cabinet doors and make them new again. Your doors will get an easy to clean and long-lasting finish in any colour and sheen you like.


We can spray almost all kinds of surfaces: Hand Painted MDF, Laminate, Vinyl or Solid wood.

Customer Reviews

Description of the Process

  • You send us pictures of your kitchen respray project to get a quote

  • Roughly kitchen renovation cost will be calculated at £70+VAT rate per medium cupboard door for matt/satin finish and ~£90+VAT for gloss finish

  • Choose any colour and sheen to fulfil your kitchen renovation ideas

  • Professional kitchen refurbishment team will attend your property to respray all doors and fixed bits on site, including fixing any damages and handles replacement, if needed

  • To respray your kitchen on site usually takes about:

  • 1-2 days for small kitchen

  • 2-4 for medium kitchen

  • 4-6 for big kitchen

Technical Process of Respraying Kitchen

First kitchen doors need to be cleaned, we ask you to do that, particularly if kitchen is very greasy.


Then we:

  • Remove all doors,

  • Mask inside cupboards and all the surroundings: ceiling, walls, windows and etc 

  • Sand, repair and degrease all surfaces to be sprayed

  • Apply 3-4 coats of Spirit based Primer Sealer

  • Sand primer

  • Apply 3-4 coats of Water based coloured top coats

  • Install doors back to cupboards

  • Remove masking and clean the space

We use a high built spirit based primer which has high adhesion properties and is designed to block any stains to come through from your old finish.


The top coat paint is water based and used with special additive to improve durability of finish.

The finish can be easily cleaned using general kitchen cleaners.

Completed Kitchen Restorations


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