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Car Body Repair & Respray

Providing Spray Painting, Repair & Makeover Services for your car


Transforming Cars, Restoring Beauty: Your Body Shop Destination


Car Spraying Company

Discover excellence in body repair and spraying services at our shop.


Our skilled team restores your vehicle's aesthetics, guaranteeing top-notch repairs and a flawless finish.

Car Body Repairs and Spray Painting service

Want to get the most favorable conditions for car painting from the best body repair specialists in Essex Basildon! Call us 📞

✅Car painting takes place in a professional painting booth.

✅We have our own paint selection laboratory, ensuring a 100% color match.

✅Preparation and painting of parts are done with high-quality materials following the technological process.

• We provide a 2 (TWO) years warranty for all bodywork.

• All bodywork is carried out in the shortest possible time.

• We guarantee! No boundaries or transitions between repair and factory coating.

• Our own parts warehouse with over 40,000 items


✔We work without deposit payment; payment is made after the work is completed.

❗Agreed-upon prices after repair do not change!


Highly qualified staff, professional equipment, and optimal timeframes for completing the work.


We always have discounts, promotions, and special offers! We work with individuals and legal entities.


📷We can provide a photo report of the work process on your car.


📸📲Send photos via Contact Form for a cost estimate.


We will be happy to see you at our service center. 2-year warranty on completed work.


☎ Call us right now; we will answer all your questions. 

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Some of our projects

Technical Process of Car Body Repair

Our car body shop employs a meticulous technical process to deliver top-notch services:

  1. Local Respray: We focus on the specific area in need, expertly matching the existing paint for a seamless finish.

  2. Panel Beating: Our skilled technicians straighten and shape panels to their original contours, addressing dents and damages.

  3. Smart Repairs: We use advanced techniques to repair minor damages, such as scratches and small dents, saving time and cost.

  4. Fade Local Spraying: To achieve a uniform color, we blend new paint with the existing one, ensuring a gradual transition.

  5. Body Filler: When necessary, we apply high-quality body filler to smooth out imperfections and create a flawless surface.

  6. Base Coat: A precise application of base coat ensures the accurate color match, providing the foundation for the final finish.

  7. Lacquering: We apply a protective layer of lacquer to enhance durability and achieve a glossy shine.

  8. Polishing: Our meticulous polishing process removes any imperfections, leaving your vehicle with a showroom-quality appearance.

Photo for a Quote

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Price list + VAT

Body Repair Services:

  1. Dent Removal (per panel): £35 - £105

  2. Panel Beating (per panel): £70 - £175

  3. Smart Repairs (per area): £52 - £140

  4. Body Filler Application: Starting from £35

  5. Full Body Inspection and Assessment: Free

Spraying and Painting Services: 6. Local Respray (per panel): £105 - £210

  1. Full Car Respray (solid color): Starting from £700

  2. Full Car Respray (custom/metallic color): Starting from £1,050

  3. Fade Local Spraying: £140 - £280 (depends on size)

  4. Clear Coat Application (per panel): £52 - £105

Additional Services: 11. Rust Removal and Treatment: Starting from £70

  1. Scratch Repair (per area): £35 - £105

  2. Surface Preparation (sanding, priming): Starting from £52

  3. Lacquer Application (per panel): £52 - £105

  4. Paint Protection (ceramic coating): Starting from £260

Miscellaneous Charges: 16. Labor Charge (per hour): £35 - £70 (for complex jobs)

  1. Materials and Consumables: Cost + 20%

  2. Towing and Transport (if applicable): As per actual cost

Please note that these are approximate conversions based on a hypothetical exchange rate, and actual rates may vary. It's advisable to use the most up-to-date exchange rate for precise pricing.

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